Friday, November 30, 2012

Chloe Is My Angel...

Have you ever TPed over to Chloe (on the CENSORD sim)? They have a free group join and a handful of amazing dresses for you to snatch up! If you haven't already grabbed the free hairs from the Exile sub-o I suggest you get on over there before they're removed. Also If you love pumps, you will be super happy to know that Angel Alphaville has lots of freebies & $10L pairs of pumps, all in delicious colours!! om nom nom!! =P Oh and there is a hunt gift for the WomenStuff hunt that is just soo pretty, it's very hard to pass up!

Hair: Exile "Betty Lou" Cranberry - Free!
Dress: Chloe - "Hellen Dress" GG - FREE!
Pumps: Angel Alphaville "72 Pink" - FREE!
Skin: SOUL "Noa Skin" WomenStuff Hunt Gift (look for a red shirt) - FREE!

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