Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Angels MM

The new MM board prize at Angel's is this gorgeous pair of silver pumps with a glow effect and see through heel. Just lovely. Reminds me of Cinderella!

Target of 20 slaps!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Just a Rag Doll

Sorry for the sparse postings... Been having a lot of issues with anxiety, depression, & eye strain. But enough about me. Let's get to the post!

Feeling like a winter rag doll today. I came across this awesome hooded sweater on the marketplace. I was happily surprised with the price. I paired it up with a fur hat that I got from D!va for a group gift, which is still available! The tank I also found on the marketplace. The skirt can be found on the MP as well for real cheap. Leggings are from Wertina and are part of a 4 pack. Ugg style boots are free at the Winter Fair from Panda Punx. Hair & Eyes are group gifts from Pelle & the skin is a group gift from Envious. Sorry I cannot go more into detail. I am struggling to sit here at the moment...

Hat: D!va Fur Hat - Group Gift
Hair & Eyes: PELLE - Group Gifts
Skin: Envious - Group Gift
Sweater: [P] Knitted Hoodie - Pauline - $1L
Tank Top: [VG] Beater Tank - Pearl - $10L
Leggings: WERTINA - Lulu Leggings - Group Gift 
Boots: Panda Punx - Color Change Ugg Boots @ Winter Fair - FREE!

All groups mentioned in this post are FREE to join!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paradisis - Poudre - Alice Project

Have you ever been to Paradisis? I have no clue what it means. I tried to translate it... Google thinks it's Spanish, but has no clue what the translation is LOL. In any case there are SEVERAL baggies of freebies in this shop. Great quality and super kawaii (Japanese for "cute").  If you TP on over to the cute shop, you will find a table in the frond with a food tray and 2 extra freebie baggies. This is where you will find the wine coloured turtleneck sweater and the cute ice skates that I am wearing. The jeans are in another baggie on the freebie wall... go over to the left and around that corner... there are shelves of freebies! Look for the baggie called "Sexy Attitude" These jeans are called "Perfect Blue". Don't forget to grab the milk and cookies. (wear both and there is a cookie dunking action... too cute!!). The hair is currently still available, but it was yesterdays gift for the Mint Tulip Advent Calendar, called "Tiffany". There are streaks of green and red throughout the hair, which comes in many base colours. Lastly my gorgeous skin is from a skin shop that I LOVE called "Poudre" (French for "powder"). This is the current group gift, but I'm not sure if it was from November. Forgive me I have maxed out my groups and it's tough to keep up with what gifts were set out and when! xD I love the mauve lip colour. Matches well with my wine sweater. The eye liner is quite lovely, and the rosy cheeks make me feel like I have been walking around in snow!

Paradisis for the sweater, jeans, ice skates, oh and free cookies!! xD
Alice Project for the hair Dec 4th Gift still available @ 5:30am SLT
Poudre for the skin

Saturday, December 1, 2012

U.One the SL Mecca for Mesh lovers...

It's warm in here, but for some reason my feet are always cold! Luckily I found these adorable boots to keep my toes warm. The corset top and skirt are both MESH and can be found at U.One. The pigtail hair is part of a free fat pack at Rosy Mood. I'm not sure how long it will be out, so grab it while you can. The skin can be found at SHINE for the WomenStuff hunt. Look closely ladies... they shrunk this one good! xD I saw a preview on the FabFree blog and decided that this skin is a must-have!! (Thank you for the gorgeous preview, Love). The shape that I have on is my limited Naughty Dollie Shape, which you can buy on the MP for a low price of $5L... hurry, they're selling fast! I have edited the shape to fit the mesh clothing...you can also edit the shape to fit any mesh clothing that you might have floating about your inventory. Oh look at the calendar! it's December 1st! I couldn't find a tree that I loved, so I grabbed this awesome 6 frame photo tree from PopArt and set it on this awesome table, also by PopArt, called Dican. Each are $1L in the main entrance to the U.One shop!

Hair: Rosy Mood "Myosotis" Cinnamon - FREE!
Skin: SHINE "Venice" PurpleSunset/Pale - WomenStuff Hunt Gift - FREE!
Corset: U.One "Santorini" Corsett Violet - $10L
Skirt: U.One "Mykonos" Skirt - Boho Verde - $1L
Boots: Mirah's Hugg Boots - Floral Pink Turquoise - $10L

Photo Tree - $1L - Here
Dican Table - $1L - Here

Baby, It's Cold Outside...& I Need a Coat!!

I absolutely love the wintery trees that my dear friend Bif set up on his sim. They put me in the mood to do a winter post. Lately it's been pretty chilly here in NY, so I'd like to show you my most recent wintery finds...

If you haven't heard, there is a new hunt called "With Love..." by Chic-Management. The hunt gift is a red gift box with a white pearl necklace dangling out the side. Each gift costs $10L, but the prizes inside are all worth at least $400L. There are over 70 shops participating in this hunt, so please go grab up the gifts. Once I read through the list of participating shops, I noticed CandyDoll & Sakide were both on the list. *squeals* So I rushed over to each location and the hints pretty much gave away the locations. From Sakide, you get this amazing white outfit (dress, scarf, & mittens) called First Frost. It's just lovely... I also wore the skin that I got from CandyDoll for the With Love hunt called "Roberta". It has a lovely light tan tone which is perfectly in the middle of pale and dark... for those of us who don't want to look pasty or tanorexic. The Ugg style boots come from another awesome shop called "U.One" and cost $10L, but are well worth more than that.... Lastly the cutsie hair I found as a group gift in a shop called "Lo*Momo" where you can find a few cute free group gift hairs. Try not to fall in love... I did!

Next we have a schizo mix of random stuff that I just slapped together. I should have bought a coat at U.One... hmmm...

The turquoise winter hat can be found on the marketplace for $1L, which you receive and wear. It fits great over the hair that I got from (love) for $1L called "Agitha". The boots I also found on the marketplace for $1L, but they attached to the feet and there was no alpha... blah blah blahhh. Wait.. before you pull your hair out. You have in your inventory an alpha called "No Feet". search for it! Don't wear these boots, instead attach them to your left/right lower legs. You will need a pose stand and some patience to rotate and move them so they fit just right. Once you have them situated, slap on that no feet alpha & you're good to go! The top is a dollarbie from U.One called "Candy Top B" I imagine it was supposed to be blue, but it's more a teal colour.  I also have on the sexy skinny jeans from Decoy which I blogged in an earlier post. This particular pair is called "Dana 76 Jeans - Faded Light" which I think looks amazing with the rest of my ensemble... Lastly the skin. I cannot forget to mention that I saw this skin yesterday on a blog called "How Do I look?", but I noticed it wasn't available until my RL dinner time. BUMMER. So I went first thing today to snatch it up. It's by "Pink Fuel" & it's the hunt gift for With Love... so, you get this amazing skin for just $10L. Sooo hard to pass up!

Credits for 1st pic:
Outfit: Sakide - "With Love..." Hunt gift - $10L
Hair: Lo*Momo - Group Gift (April, 2012) - FREE!
Boots: U.One "Ugg Flora Boots Cream - $10L
Skin: CandyDoll "Roberta" - With Love... Hunt Gift - $10L

Credits for 2nd Pic:
Hat: Sophie's Store Turquoise Knit Hat -$1L
Hair: (love) - Location Currently Unavailable!! =(
Top: U.One - "Candy Top B" - $1L
Jeans: Decoy "Dana Jeans - Faded Light" - FREE!
Boots: Kawaiia - Boot Silver & Turquoise - $1L
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Alyx" < Ivory > Pony - With Love... Hunt gift - $10L

To purchase everything blogged in this post you will need a total of $44L

Did I forget to mention something? Please let me know! Leave a comment! xoxox

A bit of a throw-back...

Today I discovered an awesome hair shop called "Pocket Mirrors" where you can get some awesome looking retro hair styles. I grabbed up the 2 group gifts and the dollarbie on the table when you first enter the shop. I paired them up with three gorgeous FREE dresses that I found at a boutique called "Icing", and three great pairs of pumps from a shop called "In Her Shoes" or [IHS]. The skin that I am wearing is the current group gift from BeautyCode. Not sure how long it will be there because the VIP gift just changed today!!

Hair: Pocket Mirrors - Group Gifts and a Dollarbie
Dresses: Icing All FREE!
Pumps: [IHS] Betty Dots
Skin: BeautyCode "Jocelyn" Tan - Silver CatEye (November GG) - FREE

Friday, November 30, 2012

Urban Dare Closing Freebies!

There is a clothing rack with a bunch of glow sticks that have gifts inside them!

Items include:
Facial Piercings
Ice Skates
Wood Nympth Wings
My Personal Set of Neko Eyes

$10L Sale ends tomorrow (Dec 1st)
Taxi to Urban Dare

Chloe Is My Angel...

Have you ever TPed over to Chloe (on the CENSORD sim)? They have a free group join and a handful of amazing dresses for you to snatch up! If you haven't already grabbed the free hairs from the Exile sub-o I suggest you get on over there before they're removed. Also If you love pumps, you will be super happy to know that Angel Alphaville has lots of freebies & $10L pairs of pumps, all in delicious colours!! om nom nom!! =P Oh and there is a hunt gift for the WomenStuff hunt that is just soo pretty, it's very hard to pass up!

Hair: Exile "Betty Lou" Cranberry - Free!
Dress: Chloe - "Hellen Dress" GG - FREE!
Pumps: Angel Alphaville "72 Pink" - FREE!
Skin: SOUL "Noa Skin" WomenStuff Hunt Gift (look for a red shirt) - FREE!

Plastik Elf named Karena

It's almost December, so you know what that means!! Christmas is coming! If you are a member of the Plastik group you have several random groups that you can grab once per hour. Gifts are at random, so please come back often & click the gifties to see what you may get...

Skin, Ears, Dresses: Plastik Group Gifts. (1 click per hour) - FREE!
Hair: Exile Karena Color DEMOS - FREE!
Boots: [DLS] Ladies Knee Boots - FREE!

Model Pose by Filthy

Yoon, Could you be my Decoy?!

I'm feeling like a super dork... oh who am I kidding? I always feel like a super dork! Anyway I put this look together after visiting a great shop called Decoy. I learned that they were having quite a sale, so I popped on over to have a look at the goodies! There are random free fat packs about the store... maybe 5 in total, but you get a cute hair, top, jeans, boots, and a dress. If it's free, it's for me! so, as you can plainly see, I snatched up all the freebies. I also added a pair of my favorite nerd glasses by Mad Mesh. Thanks to Angel Alphaville for pointing these out, as they are reasonably priced for the amount of pairs that you get! Last but not least, my skin is the latest group gift from Yoon, and I must say it's breathtakingly beautiful!

Hair, Top, Jeans, Boots: Decoy  Select Free Fat packs! There is also a fat pack of summer dresses. Feel free to browse. This is part of a sale, so it won't last forever...
Glasses: Mad Nerd Glasses - MESH - $9L
Skin: Yoon "Alyce" Lust Pale (FREE to join!!)

To achieve this total look you will need $9L

Model pose by Filthy

Naughty Dollie Shape

One of my favorite pastimes in SL is making shapes. I Only make female body shapes as of now. I created this lovely shape the other day, but decided to sell a limited quantity. I set the price to $5L but be advised that this shape IS MOD/COPY, so feel free to make as many copies and variations as you please!! xoxox

Naughty Dollie Shape - $5L  -LIMITED QUANTITIES- 

This is only a test

I'd like to see how well I do with feedback and subscribers. What my goal will be with this blog is to post items that are free or under $10L, group gifts, lucky board/chair prizes, midnight mania prizes, mini mania prizes, and even hunt gifts that are $10L or less.

If you know of some QUALITY freebies that you would like to see me blog, please:
1) Send me a notecard inworld with item description, & location, or
2) Send me an e-mail to NomiSirnahSL@gmail.com with item description & location.

also if you have a link to a blog which has featured an awesome freebie, please feel free to e-mail me or send me a notecard with the blog link!  Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated!! xoxox