Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside...& I Need a Coat!!

I absolutely love the wintery trees that my dear friend Bif set up on his sim. They put me in the mood to do a winter post. Lately it's been pretty chilly here in NY, so I'd like to show you my most recent wintery finds...

If you haven't heard, there is a new hunt called "With Love..." by Chic-Management. The hunt gift is a red gift box with a white pearl necklace dangling out the side. Each gift costs $10L, but the prizes inside are all worth at least $400L. There are over 70 shops participating in this hunt, so please go grab up the gifts. Once I read through the list of participating shops, I noticed CandyDoll & Sakide were both on the list. *squeals* So I rushed over to each location and the hints pretty much gave away the locations. From Sakide, you get this amazing white outfit (dress, scarf, & mittens) called First Frost. It's just lovely... I also wore the skin that I got from CandyDoll for the With Love hunt called "Roberta". It has a lovely light tan tone which is perfectly in the middle of pale and dark... for those of us who don't want to look pasty or tanorexic. The Ugg style boots come from another awesome shop called "U.One" and cost $10L, but are well worth more than that.... Lastly the cutsie hair I found as a group gift in a shop called "Lo*Momo" where you can find a few cute free group gift hairs. Try not to fall in love... I did!

Next we have a schizo mix of random stuff that I just slapped together. I should have bought a coat at U.One... hmmm...

The turquoise winter hat can be found on the marketplace for $1L, which you receive and wear. It fits great over the hair that I got from (love) for $1L called "Agitha". The boots I also found on the marketplace for $1L, but they attached to the feet and there was no alpha... blah blah blahhh. Wait.. before you pull your hair out. You have in your inventory an alpha called "No Feet". search for it! Don't wear these boots, instead attach them to your left/right lower legs. You will need a pose stand and some patience to rotate and move them so they fit just right. Once you have them situated, slap on that no feet alpha & you're good to go! The top is a dollarbie from U.One called "Candy Top B" I imagine it was supposed to be blue, but it's more a teal colour.  I also have on the sexy skinny jeans from Decoy which I blogged in an earlier post. This particular pair is called "Dana 76 Jeans - Faded Light" which I think looks amazing with the rest of my ensemble... Lastly the skin. I cannot forget to mention that I saw this skin yesterday on a blog called "How Do I look?", but I noticed it wasn't available until my RL dinner time. BUMMER. So I went first thing today to snatch it up. It's by "Pink Fuel" & it's the hunt gift for With Love... so, you get this amazing skin for just $10L. Sooo hard to pass up!

Credits for 1st pic:
Outfit: Sakide - "With Love..." Hunt gift - $10L
Hair: Lo*Momo - Group Gift (April, 2012) - FREE!
Boots: U.One "Ugg Flora Boots Cream - $10L
Skin: CandyDoll "Roberta" - With Love... Hunt Gift - $10L

Credits for 2nd Pic:
Hat: Sophie's Store Turquoise Knit Hat -$1L
Hair: (love) - Location Currently Unavailable!! =(
Top: U.One - "Candy Top B" - $1L
Jeans: Decoy "Dana Jeans - Faded Light" - FREE!
Boots: Kawaiia - Boot Silver & Turquoise - $1L
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Alyx" < Ivory > Pony - With Love... Hunt gift - $10L

To purchase everything blogged in this post you will need a total of $44L

Did I forget to mention something? Please let me know! Leave a comment! xoxox

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