Friday, December 14, 2012

Just a Rag Doll

Sorry for the sparse postings... Been having a lot of issues with anxiety, depression, & eye strain. But enough about me. Let's get to the post!

Feeling like a winter rag doll today. I came across this awesome hooded sweater on the marketplace. I was happily surprised with the price. I paired it up with a fur hat that I got from D!va for a group gift, which is still available! The tank I also found on the marketplace. The skirt can be found on the MP as well for real cheap. Leggings are from Wertina and are part of a 4 pack. Ugg style boots are free at the Winter Fair from Panda Punx. Hair & Eyes are group gifts from Pelle & the skin is a group gift from Envious. Sorry I cannot go more into detail. I am struggling to sit here at the moment...

Hat: D!va Fur Hat - Group Gift
Hair & Eyes: PELLE - Group Gifts
Skin: Envious - Group Gift
Sweater: [P] Knitted Hoodie - Pauline - $1L
Tank Top: [VG] Beater Tank - Pearl - $10L
Leggings: WERTINA - Lulu Leggings - Group Gift 
Boots: Panda Punx - Color Change Ugg Boots @ Winter Fair - FREE!

All groups mentioned in this post are FREE to join!

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