Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paradisis - Poudre - Alice Project

Have you ever been to Paradisis? I have no clue what it means. I tried to translate it... Google thinks it's Spanish, but has no clue what the translation is LOL. In any case there are SEVERAL baggies of freebies in this shop. Great quality and super kawaii (Japanese for "cute").  If you TP on over to the cute shop, you will find a table in the frond with a food tray and 2 extra freebie baggies. This is where you will find the wine coloured turtleneck sweater and the cute ice skates that I am wearing. The jeans are in another baggie on the freebie wall... go over to the left and around that corner... there are shelves of freebies! Look for the baggie called "Sexy Attitude" These jeans are called "Perfect Blue". Don't forget to grab the milk and cookies. (wear both and there is a cookie dunking action... too cute!!). The hair is currently still available, but it was yesterdays gift for the Mint Tulip Advent Calendar, called "Tiffany". There are streaks of green and red throughout the hair, which comes in many base colours. Lastly my gorgeous skin is from a skin shop that I LOVE called "Poudre" (French for "powder"). This is the current group gift, but I'm not sure if it was from November. Forgive me I have maxed out my groups and it's tough to keep up with what gifts were set out and when! xD I love the mauve lip colour. Matches well with my wine sweater. The eye liner is quite lovely, and the rosy cheeks make me feel like I have been walking around in snow!

Paradisis for the sweater, jeans, ice skates, oh and free cookies!! xD
Alice Project for the hair Dec 4th Gift still available @ 5:30am SLT
Poudre for the skin

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